about allison siemens

Thank you so much for stopping in to my little home away from home ~ I am so glad to get to connect with you here, and share our common quest for a truly transformative personal experience.

I started Wholesome Fitness in 2011 as a way to share my passion for helping women look beyond dieting as the solution to losing weight and finding happiness. From my own lifelong journey of seeking harmony with my body and mind, I am familiar with the level of frustration that many women experience as they go through this process. What I discovered through my own adventure of digging deeper into what makes me tick, and what makes me *me*, is that there is a whole lot more to a better body than just diet and exercise. In fact, I realized that I had created physical and emotional havoc in my life by trying to make it all about restrictive eating and hard core exercise. On top of that, I struggled because those principles did not come easy to me – so I yo-yo dieted for several years and basically destroyed my metabolism and mental health in the process.

But I am here as a living example that there are better, healthier solutions that can give you your life back – and then some. I now mentor other women to help them find their own solutions through my holistic approach to goal-setting, nourishment, physical fitness, life balance, and emotional perspective.

Wholesome Fitness now includes Lifestyle in the name – because what grew from my beginnings of finding a love for fitness, now encompasses all that truly makes us “fit” and transforms us.

= the whole person, all that makes us who we are; natural, raw, authentic, real

= the elements to being healthy and strong (body, mind, + spirit); able to endure; the process of continual growth

= how we live; our long-term, sustainable habits; the conviction for the choices we make; doing what makes us happy or gives us satisfaction in some capacity

My own journey of creating a fit and healthy body + mind has been over 25 years in the making. I signed up for my first diet program when I was just 15 years old. I could go into great detail about the following 20 years after that – but it’s all the same. About every 1 – 2 years, the cycle would go like this: extreme diet, try to exercise (which I did not enjoy), lose some weight, eat “normal” again, gain (more) weight, quit exercising, REPEAT....with the same undesirable result.

Whatever success I did experience was extremely short-lived and I always ended up gaining back more weight. After struggling to get pregnant with my first child in 2001, I started doing lots of research about natural health and nutrition. I started to make small changes as I learned more, and started to gain a better understanding of the nature and impact of biology, metabolism, and deeper stuff, like body-image. Creating long-term change in my habits, body, and mind was still a challenge, however. Information is one thing – but I discovered that being able to apply it and make it work, is another.

After having my third and final child in 2006, I was ready to get in shape once and for all. By 2007, I had begun to run more frequently and did my first 10k race 6 months postpartum. I ran and ran and ran for the next two years, and lost weight but somehow I was still struggling. I still felt flabby everywhere, even though I was eating barely anything and exercising so much. I knew there must be more to this than simply following the "weight loss rules".  Decided that I needed to better understand my health. I didn’t want to diet ever again – I wanted to find a better way to live and thrive. Researching nutrition and exercise and all things health-related became my unofficial part-tine job. I turned my attention away from the idea of weight loss, and focused on the science of athletes – how they eat, how they exercise, what makes them able to stay lean naturally without following a "weight loss plan". I also stumbled across the bodybuilding.com website – and that opened me up to a whole new meaning of fitness.

Long story, short – it took another two years to significantly change my body composition and shape. I adapted a lifestyle that focused on eating the right foods for my body + mind, and practising a more well-balanced approach my physical fitness - including more weight training and less running.

Since then, I still continue to learn, grow, and adapt. But I no longer fear getting back on the yo-yo cycle of weight gain / loss – the biggest element of my success has been the re-defining of my mindset and perspective regarding my body-image, definition of true health, and creating a life that allows me freedom from the focus on dieting and weight loss.

You will see, if you follow my own continuing journey and messages here, that my mission is to open you up to a bigger conversation than what is mostly told by the fitness or weight loss gurus. I feel very passionately that we, as smart and valuable women, have so much more to gain from digging deeper within ourselves, than we need to lose as pounds on the scale.

My expertise is female fat loss. But I won't put you on a diet. Or make you get on a hardcore exercise program. There are a million other coaches who can do that for you, if that's what you really want. I am here to help you create a whole new experience in your life, that will allow you a sustainable, lifelong transformation. Often, weight-management is part of that formula - but usually the most important part of the process is the foundations you create to support those goals.

notable experiences that made me what I am today:

  • 2007: ran my first 10k (Vancouver Sun Run) run 6 months post-partum
  • 2009: ran my first half-marathon (Calgary Marathon)
  • 2010: ran the Vancouver Half-Marathon & the Victoria Half-Marathon (PR 1:45:47)
  • 2010: finished third place (women) in the Nanaimo 5K
  • 2011: Vancouver Sun Run (PR 51:51 - top 20% of age group)
  • 2011: certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer (ISSA)
  • 2011: competed in Figure (open 3rd place + masters 1st place) at the INBF Vancouver Cup
  • 2012: certified by Metabolic Effect in Hormonal Nutrition Level 1 + Fitness Trainer
  • 2012: competed in Figure (masters 7th place) in the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic
  • 2012: Opened my Wholesome Fitness training and coaching practice out of my home
  • 2013: Mentored with Jill Coleman (of jillfit.com) in the Best of You coaching program
  • 2013: expanded my coaching practice into a local commercial space, as Wholesome Fitness Studio
  • 2014: completed Metabolic Effect Nutrition Level II certification & appointed as a JillFit Ambassador for that year
  • 2015: transitioned Wholesome Fitness into the larger scope of an online mentoring and education website, as Wholesome Fitness Lifestyle - now working with women from all over the world
  • 2015-16: active member of networking group of coaching professionals which enables me access to additional health resources and programs, as well as contribute to others
  • 2016: Precision Nutrition Sports & Exercise Nutrition Level 1 Certified