Acceptance, authenticity, & being awesome

It’s taken me a long time to really fully live in a place that is not all-or-nothing. It’s not something that came easily to me, especially since I reinforced those ideas to myself for so much of my life. It has been work to practice a new way of thinking, moving through life, and tapping into my authentic self without judgement.

And I know that this where the most significant challenge is for most of us —

We can more easily get our minds around striving for big, short-term goals or staying in a frustrating comfort zone than we can navigate a place of ultimate peace and satisfaction that eliminates the all-or-nothing.

Moving away from a no-excuses mindset or the not-good-enough mantra and into a place of grace and understanding is less structured, less measurable, and more threatening.

I have been there – feeling threatened by own judgement on myself that I might look lazy, apathetic, a failure, or complacent — if I accept my self and this body no matter what, or heaven-forbid just love it and embrace it as a beautiful creation.

But what I think often gets lost in translation in this conversation, is the interpretation of the goal. Loving and accepting and embracing the authentic self as-is, is not a surrender to the struggle or a lack of value to self-improvement.

It is an affirmation of the beauty found in the struggle and our ability to overcome. It’s just that how we define “overcome” that is confusing.

Overcoming the struggle is not found in weight loss, fitting into a smaller size, or sticking to a precise diet or a beast-mode form of exercise.

The accepting and embracing is the vehicle by which we can truly make the most healthy choices for ourselves. It allows us to unpeel the layers that keep us stuck, and see ourselves the way we were meant to be – not as some superwoman facade or breakable shell – but as confident, worthy, and lovely.

Those elements are not the result of overcoming the struggle. They are the commodity of the authentic present, the embracing of the daily moments of struggle, and placing value on who you are – right now.

Acceptance is not surrender. It is embracing reality and committing to the life-long process of nurturing *you*.