What are your cravings trying to tell you?

We often think of cravings as annoying and frustrating.

Especially when we think we have made positive, healthy changes – or that’s the goal at least – it feels like cravings can keep us stuck in old habits.

So how do you get out of that?
Usually we go to the willpower tool – that strong, determined part of us that can say no, and just move on. Sometimes this works well, and other times maybe not so well – particularly if this is not an area of confidence for you.

So let’s think of it in another way:
Cravings are a natural signal your body gives you.
Is it that this a bad thing?
Or is it just that we mis-read the memo?

Cravings are there to give us a nudge that something is missing….

Cravings are not all about food.
Cravings are about nourishment, though.

Nourishment is not all about food.

We experience nourishment from many places – physical, emotional, spiritual places.

So, a craving may not actually have anything to do with food – but because food is a way that many of us find comfort or escape, our cravings tend to point our trigger right to food.

We don’t even think about it.
I have mentioned before how I love chocolate – chocolate was always a huge craving for me.

It still is – so sometimes I eat it and other times I don’t.

It’s not a willpower thing – it’s an awareness thing.

I know that I crave chocolate, not when I’m hungry, but when I’m needy. So, I have learned that if I’m craving chocolate, I need to stop and consider what my body is telling me I’m needing.

You know what?

Sometimes its just that I want to taste chocolate (okay), but other times it’s that I am bottling up emotions and need to express them. Or I am stressed out. Or I’m tired.

When I get in tune with those needs, and I give myself the opportunity to listen to what the craving is pointing me in the direction of, it all makes so much sense. I can go lie down, or talk to someone about my problem, or do something that relaxes me. Or I can just eat some chocolate, guilt-free.

When the only resolve we offer ourselves to the craving signal is food, or worse, the attempt to completely shut down the craving entirely, then we will never be truly nourished in the ways we truly need. And so goes the cycle….

I challenge you to become friends with your cravings, and see what changes in your perspective that has on your choices and habits 🙂

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