The first rule of fat loss for true transformation

true transformationQuestion:
If somehow, magically, you could be given a personalized handbook of what to do specifically to get your body to look exactly how you want it, what would you do?

Now, keep in mind that this would be the key to total transformation and that because it would be a prescription that only takes into account the physical changes necessary, that it would look MUCH different to what you are currently doing on a daily basis. Because, let’s face it – big changes require new rules.

So if you had this magic “formula” of dietary requirements and amount and types of physical exercise requirements, then would THAT solve all your trouble with fat loss and body change?

Is it really just as simple as “knowing” what to do and just doing it?
A common thought I hear from people is, “If only I just knew what to do to lose weight, then I could finally make it happen. I just don’t have time or energy or the willpower to bother.”

However, to really get to the heart of making that magical “transformation”, it really isn’t so much about having the “formula” in your hands and just *knowing* what will be the thing that works.

The changes that need to be made are beyond a set of rules or a “plan”. You need to comply. You need to be willing to change. You have to create a new lifestyle that includes new habits. You have to renew your mind. The body won’t become what the mind cannot conceive.

In reality, the transformation happens in the mind first – and then the body. If the body transforms but the mind does not change, then the transformation will not be permanent. This is why diets fail for most people. The plan looks good on paper, but one’s personal reality does not experience growth and change.

I challenge you on this as you look ahead to a new year and to new and re-newed goals:

Are you committed to the PROCESS?
Can you take the risk to make the transformation of your MIND the priority in your fat loss or body change goals?
Are you ready to focus on the QUALITY of your transformation over the long term?

Having been through this process myself, I can tell you that nothing changed until *I* changed.
Sure, I successfully lost weight a bunch of times because I stuck to my “plan” – but all those plans were no good because none of it ever lasted. What was missing was changing my perspective on things. What was missing was creating a life of health and goodness.
When I learned how to do that, I never had to go back. THAT was the true transformation – and it felt good and natural, and easy.


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