Finding the solutions: body image, weight loss, & nurturing what you REALLY are

…..Continued from Part 1

I wanted to find the SOLUTIONS and stop simply looking for answers.

What’s the difference? Here’s the definitions from the Merriam-Webster dictionary :
Answer – something you say or write when someone asks you a question
– something done in response or reaction
– a correct response

Solution –  something that is used or done to deal with and end a problem 
– an action or process of solving a problem
– a bringing or coming to an end or into a state of discontinuity

An answer is a response or reaction.
A solution is more of a process of change.

THIS is what I am on a mission to do: help others understand that our food issues, weight problems, and body image struggles are not solved with a “correct” reaction or response….but instead, that our better health in these areas are actually a result of how we create QUALITY change – beyond the elements of diets and exercise expectations.

So, I started looking for solutions.

I could not solve the lifelong degradation of my body image by continuing to believe that I was not good enough since my body was not what I thought it should be. My reaction to this struggle had always been to determine that I must diet “harder”, since skinny must simply take discipline. That was the “easy” answer.

Instead, I realized that my SOLUTION was to take the risk to love the body I was blessed with. Really, in the fitness and weight loss world how often are you encouraged to nurture what you’ve got? No, of course not – because the answer presented is all too often, “we have the answer to get you the body you’ve always wanted…”

Poor body image is a disease in our society – a disease that is easily accepted and perpetuated –  because we have been led to believe that we have done something terribly wrong to not look like the images we see.

But, it was only AFTER I understood the power of nurturing the gift of my own body that I was actually able to provide it with true health through eating and enjoying beneficial food  and embracing the strength of my body and mind. This was a process for me to find and understand this SOLUTION – it certainly was not found out of the mainstream “answers” to solving a weight problem or getting skinnier. Since I began this process, I have not used special diets or made a certain amount of exercise the basis for my external changes.

Every external change began on the INSIDE, as I sought to create my own SOLUTIONS.

I am not a quitter. And that is an important point. People tend to quit when the “answers” don’t provide the right results. It seems like there is nothing left to do but give up. But when you are resolved not to quit, then there is no choice but to work through the process of creating and finding SOLUTIONS.

So this is where my passion comes from.

The need to change what I don’t like.

I want women to spend more time focusing on loving and embracing who they are and allowing that to be the body image they strive for. Precious time and energy is wasted on worrying about what is the “right” thing to eat and never feeling like we are doing “enough” – when instead we could be gaining so much more satisfaction from our lives by flourishing from the inside out.

If this was the standard of “progress” in the fitness / weight loss industry, I think more women would actually succeed at finding healthier bodies naturally. There would be a reason for making the better choices that are necessary – and the goal would no longer be to comply to the rules, so to speak. The goal would be to simply embrace the things we can easily love about ourselves and commit to the process of creating our unique solutions for the things that need improvement. You know, we DO do this in many other areas of our life – but yet we tend to give up our sense of self when it comes to our weight and body image.

It’s time to take it back.