Let’s Talk About: Food Prep

This is a just a quick post to give you all some ideas for how to make the most of your time when it comes to food prep!
One note about FOOD PREP –> this can be a major adjustment to your lifestyle that takes practice and discipline, BUT it can be one of the MOST important steps you take towards a healthier and more fit body.
Because it is too easy to not have time to grab a LEAN BODY option – or to be too tired at the end of a long day to cook a nutritious meal that contributes to your goals.

If you want to NEVER have to DIET again, then learning the skills of keeping your nutrition and daily meals ready to go without thinking about it is NECESSARY!

So, here is one example of what I did yesterday to keep me going for a few days this week. The time it took to prepare was minimal, and I aimed to have just a few KEY components ready for the meals that I rely on for quality FUEL.

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