Mindset for Fat Loss

Very rarely do people come to me asking for advice about how to change or improve their mindset,pics 353 though. They come to me asking for a meal plan, for a kick-ass fitness program, for advice about what the missing piece is to their body change plateaus, resistance, and dilemmas. Somehow there is a belief out there that there must be “something” new that will solve our overweight issues.

 Some of the “hot topics” I hear about often are things like: Acai berry, HGC, PGX, HIIT, green coffee bean, 30 day challenges for a bikini body, low-carb, low-fat, plenty-of-kale, no meat, juicing, detoxes, cleanse everything, hot yoga, don’t eat after 6pm….these are all things people ask me about as possible “answers” to weight loss. As far as I’m concerned, none of them are necessary (and some of them are not healthy options at all) – there is NO secret or magic outside of just normal, natural foods and regular physical activity. That’s it.
Then WHY is it SO hard….. 
Let me preface the next part by saying that I am not here to judge any of these methods or your experience with them  – IF THEY WORK FOR YOU, IF YOU ARE HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER, AND ALL YOUR PROBLEMS AND DILEMMAS ARE SOLVED WITH THEM, then I applaud you and you can feel free to move along and enjoy your life.
If this is not you, keep reading….
Very rarely in my experience have I found that any type of specialized “method”, particularly those methods which require a product, supplement, or temporary change of routine actually provide a great result, let alone a result that sticks, creates optimal health, and feels fabulous.
In which case, we are back to discussing normal foods and adequate physical exercise.

BUT: If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it – with a bikini on.
Why is it NOT so easy then?
WE GET IN THE WAY OF OURSELVES. We see it as a simple game of eat this, not that – but listen: there is a background scene in your life that determines how well that game is played. It’s called your brain and it controls every single move you make. So when you have a choice between cookies and carrot sticks, your brain tells your hand which one to pick up. Your brain is in control of which choice you salivate over. Your brain is wired to prefer one over the other. Your brain stores emotional ties to foods. Your brain interprets what you feel when you bite into something. Your brain receives hormonal messages as your food gets digested. Your brain is the missing link to a better, healthier body because IT IS IN CHARGE.However, we spend very little time – if any at all – training our brain when it comes to fat loss.Now let me be clear here, I am not talking about training your brain to simply stop making you eat, make you stick to your diet plan, or to help force you to never eat sugar again. It’s not about having iron willpower and going into “beast mode” at the gym. I would align those behaviours with more like a “brain-washing”.

 BRAIN-FILLING is all about YOU – it is gentle and inspiring and forgiving. Its only concern is about what you need, how you feel, and allows for self-reflection and enhanced awareness. You find internal motivation through trial and error, rather than through external requirements. Your brain becomes your friend and ally that propels your positive actions and grows from the lessons when challenged. You find natural and permanent changes happen when you start FILLING your brain through this process.Your brain starts to effectively do the work for you and that affects the other cascade of all the other functions to work in your favor. So do you believe me when I say that all you need to do to have lasting success with your fat loss is change your brain and work on your mindset? That it’s not about simply eating a magical formula of foods or supplements and blindly burning just a few more calories each day? That your missing link is the positive contribution of your mind….

Then your next question is likely: “How do I do THIS?”

And that is a very good question! Like I said, if it were that easy then we would all have mindsets of gold! But I do believe so many well-intentioned people are not ultimately able to find success in their body change efforts because they have not actively sought a transformation of the mind as well.Mastering your Mind means:

  • digging deeper into ourselves, our habits, our motives
  • being OPEN to change and self-growth
  • asking questions
  • looking for answers
  • accepting that change is a PROCESS and is not achieved through a generic program or protocol
  • taking the time and patience that is necessary to develop these skills and willingness to “fail” in order to truly succeed.
I can honestly say that learning how to do this and actively pursuing the kind of growth that goes beyond body change, has allowed me to come through my weight loss, and body image struggles into the place of health and vitality that I am now – I did not have a coach or anyone who I was able to depend on to teach me any of this. It took me years to figure this out on my own – but I want to help to open up this conversation for YOU, so you can have the guidance necessary to master your mindset in order to change your life and your body forever.
Mindset coaching is my favorite part of helping people achieve their body change goals – so I have developed a few strategies and methods to begin this process when I embark on a program with my clients. Those who are REALLY ready to make good, honest progress in their weight / fat loss journey are the ones who find the greatest benefit from my mindset coaching – and they see the best body change results.
(Those who simply want a band-aid or quick-fix solution to drop a few pounds – this is not for you.)
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