When you aren’t seeing changes in the mirror – what’s going on?

There is more to changing your body or losing weight than just the outward physical result.

Most of the time, we don’t put the priority on changing the biology on the inside or adjusting our emotional outlook – we just want to *look* better and we think if we *look* better then we will be *better*.

I believe the opposite to be true.

The hardest part is focusing on the parts you can’t really see.


But maybe considering the changes to the parts you can’t see is one of the BEST ways to lose weight.

It’s like when I am training a client to use the muscles in their back…most of the time they have never really given a thought to what those muscles do or look like or even how they move. It’s almost like they didn’t matter or didn’t exist until we put the pressure on them and acknowledged them and put them to work. Suddenly the client has a better understanding of how their body works and this is the first steps to really, truly getting stronger and maybe even preventing a significant injury later in life.

But just because they know those muscles are there and start to use them, doesn’t mean they instantly *have* a big strong back. They cannot assume to carry the world on it just because they decided to exercise it once a week. Right?!

There is a logical process involved that takes time, patience, and physiological & mental development. Over time, and with sensible progression and the right nutrients, the back will get stronger – but it is certainly not something that can be forced or rushed because it happens as the individual’s biology ALLOWS it to happen. Every BODY is different – some naturally can build muscle faster, while others simply do not have the genetics for a perfectly strong back. Does that mean that you can’t keep working at it for ALL the many health and fitness benefits?? Yes, of course you should and you can – there is more to building a strong back than just the aesthetics or to become a bodybuilder.

So now relate this to losing weight / fat.

559411_741437315882138_369794912_nThere is so much more going on in your body that you probably don’t think about and don’t even really understand.

When you start to make changes to your diet or you start to exercise, it is easy to forget about all the unseen events and components involved. It is easy to figure that all the *good* we are doing should be enough to force the body to change – and we forget that there are SIGNIFICANT changes happening, but we just sometimes can’t see them in the cause & effect manner that seems logical in our brains (ie. an outward change in appearance or measurements). But even so, these “invisible” changes are often the most crucial part of effectively losing fat – we want RESULTS, but we forget about the PROGRESSIONS that we can’t immediately measure.

Because of a host of factors – such as genetics, health markers, diet history, and relative compliance to habit changes – each person’s physiological changes will have their own dynamic. We simply cannot measure the internal changes and adjustments taking place like we can with the external evidence – like when we see a drop in body weight or reduction in the waistline. EVERY change, whether we can see it or not, is IMPORTANT. If you are consistently aware of what positive changes you are making and you are taking steps to STRENGTHEN those changes, then it’s time to TRUST in the process. Hang on – it is happening and the best way to “get there” is to have patience in the knowledge that your body wants the best for you – and so therefore, it is doing it’s part in getting you strong, healthy, and lean as long as you do your part.

So be encouraged, but also don’t be scared to GROW so you do not sit stagnant. Keep moving and keep seeking with your own sense of self-awareness. I think this is especially true when it comes to our relationship to food – very often, we have certain ideas that have been ingrained in us about how much we should eat to lose weight or that we have to just rely on willpower and discipline to get results. This is a perfect opportunity to seek your own self-awareness and what NOURISHES your body instead of breaks it down.

Remember, there is a lot more going on than just what is reflected on the scale or your immediate result.

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