Being Happy, Living Your Life, and Quitting the Weight Loss Obsession is your key to success

IMG_0619As a fitness trainer and nutrition coach, most of my clients seek my help in trying to “lose weight”. Usually they come to me with a number that refers to either how much they want to weigh or how much they think they need to lose. They tell me about these numbers and I listen – but it actually has no bearing on how I will help them change their body. Those numbers are not ultimately how I gauge their progress or even their end result.

Because I want to help CHANGE their body – not just create a new number on the scale for them.

In my experience, these can be two totally different things. 

I used to be a slave to the scale and I lived and died by that number – every single morning, by ritual. Then after years and years and many tears, I finally came to terms with the fact that I was miserable every time I tried to change that number.

Changing the number meant manipulation. It would usually not say what I thought it should say and so I would have to “get better” at eating less and less and exercising more and more. Or, on a “good” day it would allow me the honor of eating whatever I felt like as a “reward”. On the really “bad” days, it would push me into depression, which would torment my closest relationships. I would go through all this and sometimes the number changed for good and sometimes for bad but I could never get a hold on it – and overall, even if the number was “really good”, my body never changed in the ways I hoped it would. And then I would get tired of this and would end up letting it all go – with my body returning to its original “number” – if not more.

Fast forward a few years of learning new ways to think about body change –>


What I finally realized was this:
The thing that really makes the difference is building up my body instead of trying to break it down to some “magic” number.


I have learned that body change happens regardless of a number. It changes with the foods I eat – and my body looks and feels better with MORE of the right foods, not by feeding it less than it needs. It changes through intentional, balanced exercise and daily activity – not by running it into the ground til I’ve burned as many calories as possible.

I no longer live in extremes. I now live in a balanced freedom where the scale does not imprison my mind and hold my body captive by its rules.

Now I don’t weigh myself. Ever.
And I don’t care what I weigh. At all.

I DO care that I am healthy. So I eat nutritious foods that my body likes. Every Day. And I also eat treats and drink wine here and there which my body and mind don’t get as bothered by now.

I DO care that I am fit and slim. So I train my muscles and workout according to my plan and get lots of rest. (And by the way, slim is subjective depending on one’s body type – I am curvy, fit, and muscular, but my body is very uncomfortable being too “lean”)

Do these factors all fit into a number that I’ve made up in my head that I think the scale should say?
No. They don’t.
And I don’t care.

You know why? Because my body changes for the better when I eat MORE good food – not just merely less. It reacts kindly when I eat regularly – not when I skip meals. I LOOK better and have more energy when I lift heavy weights and do intensity-based training – but I look mushy and feel tired when I do long cardio sessions and workouts that amount to quantity not quality.

That scenario –> the one with the scale and the way less / way more food and the more less-effective exercise and the crazy emotions – THAT is where I see damage happening all over the place with everyday women looking to improve themselves. Women who can’t figure out why they can’t lose weight and why they keep gaining it back when they finally do lose it. That was me before I really understood what I was doing wrong. Once I started GIVING my body what it needed – with consistency and balance in my mindset, habits, nutrition, and exercise – everything changed.

HEALTHY fat loss with sustainable lifestyle modification looks a lot different.IMG_2207
It means having an understanding and awareness of your own body. It means respecting its needs and caring more about its vitality than the number sewn inside your pants.

Do you know how to do this?
Knowing your body and keeping it healthy, fit, and trim does not require the assistance or feedback of a scale. You just know. And it’s not stressful. Imagine that! Eating lots of food, feeling energized from your workouts, and losing fat WITHOUT the concern of how much you actually weigh – could YOU do THAT??!!

In my experience, many women find this switch in mindset the most challenging part. But I also have found that once the reliance on the scale diminishes, so does the fat. With that freedom and empowerment, consistency in habits is easier to achieve, greater mindfulness about behaviour and body cues happens, and body change starts to happen – only this time the body is being built up, not broken down – and metabolic health is functional, not damaged. And that is a gift that lasts longer than beach season or the latest diet trend – it’s permanent, sustainable, and feels good!

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