Video: FB Live premiere + seasons: do your goals reflect your reality?

It’s a big day today!

My kids are all back to school… and I finally dove into my very first Live Video post on my Wholesome Fitness page.

It was kind of fun! I have been enjoying all the videos that have been popping onto my feed lately, and how you get to see people in their raw, rather unfiltered states….it makes it so easy to communicate and connect without the formalities of a published post or blog.

So, I am hopping right onto this bandwagon (now that my summer has come to an end – which is both BOOO and YAYYY, depending on what aspect I choose to embrace) and will be posting as much as I can on FB Live.
And don’t worry, if you don’t actually catch me “live” then you can just go to the page and watch the re-play of the Live post whenever it suits you 🙂 

To help you out, you can just watch this first video here below. 
Well, actually it’s two videos because technology rarely works perfectly when “live” is the aspect ratio. Ha! so just play along as if it’s really just one flowing video 🙂 

And if you really don’t care about watching a video or would rather read my words placed more carefully and eloquently than the “live” experience, then here’s what you need to know from my message today:

As most of you know, I have been in a season of rest and restoration this past year and a bit, due to recovering from adrenal fatigue. This season has been tough, but so good for me – I don’t regret any of it, now that I can look back and see how much better I know what’s good for me and what my life is truly about. It has been a productive season. I often hoped it would end quickly, but mostly I wondered how I would know when it was time to move forward into a new season…

Well, I think it’s time. I guessed a few times before and my body answered by pushing me back. But lately, the rest has not felt productive anymore. I can see and feel that I am ready to get back into more activity and settle into some new goals – a new season!

So, out for a short and sweet run to the beach the other day – I was reminded how much I love running, but how I have recently grown to hate it. I love it because I have always loved it, and it is my time to get fresh air, spend time in prayer and meditation, and get some good sweat. But I hate it now too, because I used to be so good at it. Key words being used to.

Facebook memories reminded me last week of how good I used to be, when I placed third in a local 5k race exactly 6 years ago. I had spent three years perfecting my running to get to that achievement and at the time, I had thought “this is only the beginning”…. It is no longer in me to run with such ease and skill. Heck, I’m almost 42 now and I’ve spent the last year and a half basically being able to do almost nothing intense.

For a few minutes on that run the other morning, I had these thoughts:
I wish I could run like I used to.
I wish that I had never stopped my training.
If only I could be that good again.
I want to run everyday like I used to.

I know from coaching women in their own goals, that this is common. We want to be what we used to be. We want to get back to that achievement or time in our lives that seemed to feel so good. We wish that circumstances could be different or that we didn’t have regret.

But my own thoughts shifted in that moment – I pulled myself back…
That was a season. That season has no bearing on this new season I am in. I don’t regret it because the experiences I have had, have formed me and helped me grow. I can’t grow if I stay stuck. I need new seasons. There is no glory in just trying to “get back”. That season has passed – it’s the now that counts, even if it’s different than what I had expected or envisioned for myself. 

Just because our seasons have changed, doesn’t mean we have failed. Achievements come and go, and there’s so much life to be lived and experience. It’s so easy when it comes to maybe weight loss goals or physical achievements, to get into the mindset of those are the things that bring us happiness or satisfaction – but the truth is, they don’t. You have so much more to you. So what if the season of size 6 jeans has passed? I assure you that you are needed for so much more than #bodygoals. It’s not to say that it cannot be a goal or achieved again, but give yourself some love and grace and take a look at your reality and what it’s really all about. If all we live for is weight loss or going back to how we used to be, then stale and stuck is a place we will stay while missing out on a bunch of really good stuff that’s in-season.

Embracing the reality of a new season is not a sign of failure. Move past what used to be – it’s pretty awesome to find new adventures 🙂