How to start exercising regularly when you just can’t seem to make it stick

It’s kind of that time of year when the excitement or anticipation of the new year has faded, and – if you’re like me – you start looking ahead to warmer weather and breaking out into more of an active schedule. Or, the reality of those new years resolutions not sticking like planned have you feeling ready to charge into a new month with renewed hope for more success.

So, what’s the key to making healthy habits stick this time around? 
I find that one of the toughest things is to get into a regular fitness routine – especially when you are starting pretty much from scratch.

It’s that all-or-nothing thing…it’s easy to get a flash of inspiration and go hard for a couple weeks – until the flash dies down and the inspiration goes dim….**cue the frustration….**

That is just not a great way to make fitness a part of your life…..the part most of us miss when we get trapped in the all-or-nothing cycle is that we don’t need hardcore exercise as our basis for success – but what we do need is to create a whole lot of hardcore consistency.

Consistency trumps effort.
Quality over quantity.
Healthy balance over hardcore expectations.


It took me a long time to understand that my body didn’t actually take an account of every workout I did and use it as a score point towards my goals, and it that it also didn’t intentionally take away points and set my metabolism against me if I missed one.

That’s not how the body works.
The body is smart. 

The body has a complexity that goes way beyond keeping score of every workout we do or don’t do. It has many priorities that need to work in our favour towards our health.

Believe it or not, giving your body the rest it needs is just as important (if not more) then getting an extra workout in. Especially in our go-go-go lives, for many people trying to exercise as a means of weight loss when they should be first restoring with rest, is one of the biggest obstacles I see.

We end up making quantity our priority when we should first embrace the quality of what we need.

Yes. Of course exercise is important and we should all be leading active lives. But it’s just not as simple as doing as much as possible as often as possible – especially when it comes to long term healthy body composition and hormonal health. As striving humans, though, there’s a natural resistance to accepting that – we like to feel powerful and in control, and punching in a kick-ass workout seems more appropriate and righteous than taking rest (and assume that is the same as being lazy).

But it’s not always the case.

My approach to fitness embraces the WHOLE of what the body requires for health and well-being.  I call this the “{M}ovement {S}trength {R}est Method”.

All three elements are part of a healthy, active life – and by respecting our need for each, we can nurture a purpose and consistency for our fitness.

We can focus on quality instead of quantity and create consistency over the long term, instead of ending up with short-term effort. 

To give you some tools to do this, I have created a
– with an at-home, no-equipment-necessary fitness plan
designed to help you keep it simple and do-able.
Print it off, stick it to the fridge, and give it a go!





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