Welcome ~

I am so glad you have chosen to join me on this quest to create a little more love and lot less stress for your life....

I know this can be tough - there's so many ways we get pulled and it can feel like a fine art to keep it all balanced. And then there's the fact that it's also important to stay healthy and fit...keeping (or putting) it all in perspective is a key part of actually enjoying it all in the process.

I have created this 30-day guide for stressing less + living better to encourage you take a few moments each morning to turn your mind to a place of renewal and refreshment.

These daily messages will hopefully offer you a simple perspective to take on the day in a new way, and arm you with practical mindset and healthy-habit strategies.

The goal is to help you to remember to  focus on the stuff that really matters in life, so that you can create practices that result in body, mind, + soul nourishment.

Thank you for being here, and cheers to all the good things that you will experience over these next 30 days!



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