The Real Girl’s Guide to Good Food for Your Figure

Looking for the “perfect” diet? 
Or are you ready to stop dieting and get yourself living in a way that feels good for you?
Are you looking for the perfect formula for YOU that allows you to lose weight and find balance in your life?

There is so much noise out there that keeps shouting at us a million different messages – plenty of them that sounds like magic or that offer promises to get us what we want – but that never truly work the way we expect.

And so we run around in circles – at best, wasting our time, energy, and money – and at worst, creating even more ill-health than we started with, even messing with our minds along the way.

I just think the chaos needs to stop.

30 day challenges and detoxes and restrictive weight loss plans do not work for the average woman…..

While these quick fixes sound alluring, the fact is that in real life short term motivation rarely translates into long term results.

So I created THE REAL LIFE GIRL’S GUIDE TO GOOD FOOD FOR YOUR FIGURE e-book to help you to move past the frustrating cycle of dieting. This is not for people who have it all together and find change easy….this was written with the average woman in mind, who faces real-life challenges and needs real-time solutions.


THE REAL GIRL’S GUIDE focuses on small, do-able modifications that serve your whole health (not only immediate weight loss goals) so that you have a place to start when your long term goal is consistency.

Weight loss and change in body composition is rarely as simple as just eating less and exercising more – long term transformation is more about creating a healthy, thriving body and mind. When that happens, the weight is more likely to stay off.

Ready to start?


  • 60-page e-book (PDF can be downloaded into Kindle or reading apps) delivered to your inbox instantly
  • includes simple, practical strategies you can take action with right now without overhauling your whole life
  • additional tools to support your success
  • 7-day sample menu + food lists for easy swaps + shopping list
  • food prep checklists
  • Bonus: REAL LIFE GIRL’S QUICK & EASY RECIPE COLLECTION – over 50 healthy, everyday recipes that correspond to the sample menu