Un-stick from Stress

Ah. It’s been a long week.
A stressful week.
Mostly due to circumstances beyond my control, although they affect me profoundly.

I was thinking the other day, how in the past – when I was so unaware of the authenticity of my raw emotions and how that could so easily trap my body into a spiral of physical poison – that my first response in moments of stress, would be to soothe myself with food. I would do it without even thinking about it.

That was the only response I knew at that time. It was a habit that did not take any consideration – it felt uncontrollable and impossible to break when I would sit there in regret, knowing that this was not the answer to relieving the stress. It was that “stuck” feeling.

But habits – patterns of behaviour – are not easy to break sometimes.

Now, my response is totally different. It actually took me years to figure this out, to grasp the awareness of it, to practice it, and to emerge into a better space.

This week, amid the moments of stress, my focus has been to just maintain a few key habits that keep me even-keeled: light exercise / walking, starting off my day with lots of good nutrition, getting to bed on time, creating quiet time for prayer and meditation, and just putting aside the things that take away my energy.

File 2016-02-05, 10 37 49 AM

Pretty much like any habit that needs to be “modified”, there is a certain amount of awareness and work that needs to take place. It is so easy to feel stuck, because – well, the work is hard and especially in those tough moments we don’t really want another thing to deal with. Especially when it means facing our own demons. It’s not easy to get raw and authentic with yourself.

But that is what makes us amazing creatures. We have the opportunity and ability to dig deeper into our emotions, behaviour, and our souls so that we can create a more whole, purposeful existence. The fact that it is hard work, makes it that much more worthwhile. We were made to seek more.

No one can do it for you – but you do have the ability to dig deep and change anything you want to change in your life. Hang on to the parts that keep you even-keeled – and dive into the rest, one step at a time.